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Live it! How to look cute and comfy on cold days

Infinity scarves add a fashionable touch to a winter outfit. (ONLINE PHOTO)

We’ve all been there.

The struggle can be all too real on those cold Minnesota mornings.

It’s often enough of a struggle to get out of bed, let alone put together an outfit. 

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look good this winter.

From maxi dresses to UGG boots, there are tons of awesome comfy — and warm — articles of clothing that’ll take you right through the holidays and into the new year.

Instead of surrendering to your favorite pair of sweats or yoga pants, check out these tips for looking cute, while still being warm and comfy.

Save your yoga pants for the mat

It may be tempting to slip into your all-too-familiar favorite pair of yogas or sweats, but it’s also easy to upgrade your outfit.

If your workplace is casual or business casual, you can often get away with wearing clothes that are insanely comfortable and still fit the dress code.

One of the first rules of chic is LAYER, LAYER, LAYER.

Base layers are an easy way to keep warm. A pair of long underwear or spandex makes any pair of pants instantly more comfortable. Fleece-lined leggings or tights are my favorite. If you’re brave enough, you can even wear them under a skirt or dress.

Jeggings are also great for any time of the year, because they look like jeans, but feel like leggings. If you haven’t already, try on a pair.

Leave your hoodie behind

Sweaters are an easy upgrade from your old sweatshirt and pair of sweats, whether you choose a sweater, cardigan or sweater dress.

Long, flowing, oversize or chunky cardigans — the ultimate in cozy —are everywhere this season, from sheer and sparkly to chunky and patterned. Cowl neck sweaters are also great to wear for any occasion, from work to a holiday party.

Say goodbye to boring boots

Sometimes it’s necessary to break out the heavy-duty snow boots, but a variety of other options are out there as well. The key is to know how to wear them.

For example, ankle boots slip under dress pants or boot cut jeans. Larger boots make these types of bottoms bunch up.

Riding boots are just the opposite. They are great to pair with skinny jeans and leggings. They also are a good choice to wear with a skirt and tights.

There are plenty of trendy options in between, as well. Fringe and wedge boots are some of my must-haves this winter.

Ditch the drab accessories

Don’t skimp on the scarf or mittens this winter, because no one looks good when they’re freezing.

Bundle up with accessories that compliment, instead of adding a drab layer.

Infinity scarves continue to be a hot fashion. These large, chunky scarves serve a double purpose, keeping you warm while making a statement! With plenty of colors and knits out there, you can’t go wrong.

Or try a blanket scarf. These cozy babies keep you warm, and there are so many ways to style them.

Sparkly, patterned or bejeweled headbands and earmuffs are also a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Plus, they won’t give you hat hair.

A bad rap!

People unfairly give comfy clothes a bad reputation. Just because someone is rocking an oversized sweatshirt doesn’t mean they can’t be cute as ever.

Style and comfort is about how you feel on the inside, and to be honest, people can feel great in a chunky knit sweater.

The truth is comfort is always in style.

Nicole Hovatter is a freelance writer for Live it! Magazine.