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Watkins man charged with beating woman with baseball bat

LITCHFIELD — A Watkins man who police say beat up a woman with a baseball bat until she lost consciousness made his first appearance Friday in Meeker County District Court.

Timothy Albin Dobis, 52, has been charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, third-degree assault, and domestic assault, all felonies.

The charges allege the Wednesday incident began with a verbal argument at a Watkins home. The woman told police that as Dobis became more aggressive and angry, she went into the back bedroom, laid on the bed, and threw the covers over her to avoid him.

That’s when Dobis “came charging into the room,” according to the criminal complaint, throwing the covers off of her. He allegedly used a closed fist to hit her before using a wooden Louisville slugger baseball bat to strike the back and side of her head, as well as the back of her calves and her stomach.

At one point, the woman lost consciousness. She told police that when she woke up, Dobis was dragging her down the hallway by her feet. She said she was able to get away by biting him in the arm.

She then fled to the neighbor’s house to call 911.

Eden Valley Police Chief Ernest Junker was the first to arrive at the scene. He found Dobis lying down on the floor of the home, allegedly trying to hide from law enforcement.

Dobis was arrested at the scene and transported to the Meeker County Jail.

A Meeker County sheriff’s deputy also arrived at the scene. He took photos of visible bruising and swelling on the woman’s head and arm.

Dobis was released from Meeker County Jail after his Friday court appearance, with conditions barring contact with the victim and mandating that he wear an alcohol monitor.

His next hearing in Meeker County District Court is set for Aug 11.