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Grand jury indicts man for wife's murder

WADENA, Minn. — A grand jury has indicted a Wadena man in connection to his wife's murder nearly four months ago — on the same day he had been released from jail on domestic assault charges.

According to court papers, Antonio St. Marie shot his estranged wife, Margaret St. Marie, in her Wadena home Nov. 7, 2016, after holding her at gunpoint. Her brother, James Flath, Jr., and a young child were also held at gunpoint but were able to escape.

Police pursued the suspect in a high-speed chase while another officer found Margaret St. Marie dead in the home from a gunshot wound. Antonio St. Marie was later involved in a head-on crash with another vehicle during the pursuit and continues to be held in an out-of-county medical facility due to his injuries.

Wadena County Attorney Kyra Ladd called a grand jury to consider first-degree murder charges.

The indictment lists nine felonies against Antonio St. Marie: five variations of first-degree murder, two second-degree murder charges, kidnapping and possession of a pistol by a prohibited person.

Prior to the Nov. 7 events, court records show he was arrested and charged with felony domestic assault the week before and booked into the Wadena County Jail. He was released on bail the morning of Nov. 7 with several conditions, including no contact with the victim and no use or possession of firearms.

That morning, Antonio St. Marie posted several comments on Facebook, including one that read "feeling ----ing betrayed beyond belief" along with 33 angry face emojis.

If convicted for first-degree murder, he could face life in prison without parole.