WILLMAR - Scott Aaron Schoenberg, 25, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Wednesday to an amended felony charge of terroristic threats in connection with a case last fall when he ran his ex-girlfriend off the road.

Four other charges were dismissed.

According to a criminal complaint, Schoenberg's former girlfriend was in the process of moving from her current residence to a new residence with help from friends.

She and others were just about to leave Sept. 6 in a Jeep when Schoenberg drove by and then called her using threatening language.

Near Raymond, Schoenberg passed a white vehicle traveling east on state Highway 23. That vehicle drove into the ditch to avoid being hit.

Schoenberg passed the Jeep - where the woman was riding as a passenger - and he intentionally struck the Jeep twice.

Two juveniles were in the back seat of the Jeep at the time.

After the incident, the driver of the Jeep stopped and Schoenberg kept driving.

The passengers all got out of the car to look at the damage, but hastily got back in when they saw Schoenberg traveling in the wrong lane toward them.

The Jeep driver swerved to avoid a head-on crash, but Schoenberg's vehicle struck the trailer the Jeep was pulling, causing the trailer and Jeep to jack-knife.

Schoenberg had originally been charged with four felony counts of second-degree assault and a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault.

As part of the plea agreement, one assault charge was amended to terroristic threats and the remaining charges will be dismissed.

Sentencing is set for May 30.