WILLMAR — A 13-year-old female who was reported missing was found in Idaho, according to the Willmar Police Department.

Cienna L. Azure-Descheuquet was reported missing Sept. 11 along with two other juvenile females from a girls group home in Willmar, according to Willmar Police Chief Jim Felt.

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The girls had run away from the home earlier that day but had been located and returned before running away from the home again.

One of the three girls was found Sept. 12 in St. Cloud, and a second girl was also located in St. Cloud on Sept. 13.

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According to Felt, it was believed Azure-Descheuquet was also in St. Cloud and law enforcement was working to find her there.

The Willmar Police Department received information Sept. 22 that someone who had contact with Azure-Descheuquet indicated she was allegedly "on her way to an unknown location in Oregon," according to Felt.