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Records for Jan. 18

This is the records summary for Jan. 18.

City cracks down on snowbird vehicles

WILLMAR — If your vehicle hasn't left its place at the curb since the snowfall Sunday, better move it soon or risk getting towed.

The Willmar Police Department has begun cracking down on "snowbirds" — vehicles still sitting on the street after the snowplows have been through.

A handful of vehicles have had notices placed on them in the past day, warning owners to move them or face the consequences. Some vehicles also have been towed from parking lots.

City ordinance prohibits leaving a vehicle parked and unattended on a public street or in a public parking lot for longer than 48 hours. Compliance is especially important during the winter months when plows need to clear a path wide enough for traffic and for emergency vehicles.

Owners will be assessed towing and storage fees if their snowbird has to be removed and taken to the city impound lot.

Crash injures one

PRINSBURG — Minor injuries were reported in a rear-end crash Tuesday afternoon on Kandiyohi County Road 5 in Prinsburg.

The brakes on a box truck reportedly failed, causing it to hit the back end of another vehicle, whose driver was taken to Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar for overnight hospitalization. Ambulance crews from Willmar and Lake Lillian responded to the scene.

According to a law enforcement report, the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office issued a citation to the driver of the truck.