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Southeast Minnesota man charged with manslaughter after toddler dies of brain injury

RED WING, Minn. — A Red Wing man faces multiple felony manslaughter and child endangerment charges stemming from the death of a child following a Nov. 28 incident.

Adam Michael Peter Travis, 21, was being held Tuesday in Goodhue County jail on charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter, malicious punishment of a child and neglect or endangerment of a child resulting in substantial bodily harm.

According to the criminal complaint filed Dec. 3 in Goodhue County:

Red Wing police officers were dispatched to the residence after 8 p.m. Nov. 28 on a report of a child choking on food. Travis, who stated he was the child’s stepfather, reportedly told police the child was eating chicken nuggets and started to choke. He said he called 911 after unsuccessful attempts to remove the blockage. An unnamed 17-year-old friend told police he was playing video games with Travis when the child began choking.

The child was taken to Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing and later St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester in critical condition. An initial medical exam in Rochester showed the child sustained a brain injury.

Tests determined the child was brain dead and would not recover. The family elected to discontinue life-support measures and the child was pronounced dead Nov. 29.

An autopsy concluded the child sustained injuries consistent with being shaken, pushed or stuck against a hard object, and which were not the result of life-saving efforts by paramedics.

Investigators conducted a follow-up interview with Travis Nov. 30 at the Law Enforcement Center in Red Wing. Travis told police he was watching two children at the house Nov. 28 while playing video games with a friend, though he changed his recollection of the incident multiple times during the interview, the complaint states. Travis was given a doll and allegedly demonstrated how he shook the child, telling the detective that he did not try to kill the child.

Travis is scheduled to make his next court appearance Dec. 19.