OLIVIA - A Cambridge man has received a 29-month prison sentence for attempting to bribe a witness set to testify in a 2017 burglary case in Renville County.

Anthony Steven Kalland, 39, was sentenced in Renville County District Court this week to 29 months in prison. He received 188 days of credit for time already served, a little longer than six months.

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Under state law, Kalland will serve a minimum of two-thirds of his sentence in prison and may serve the rest on supervised release.

Kalland had faced a felony bribery charge for offering money to a woman who was set to testify against him in a 2017 burglary case.

According to court files, a woman who said she was a friend of Kalland made repeated attempts to persuade the crime victim to refuse to testify in two criminal cases, one in Mille Lacs County and one in Renville County.

In different reports, the friend was reported pounding on the door and screaming at the victim. She also handed a phone to the victim, and Kalland was on the phone from the Isanti County Jail, offering more than $5,000 to the victim if she could get the charges dropped.

At different times, Kalland's friend refused to leave the victim's house, parked in front of the victim's house honking her car horn.

According to court records, Kalland's five phone calls from the Isanti County Jail were recorded. He also offered the woman a new phone if she was able to get the charges dropped.

During one call, he told his friend to "strong arm her" and "make her do it right now."

In the last call, he told his friend, "I'm going to take this bitch down, I'm telling ya."