Animals gone wild

HAWICK — There were a couple of recent reports to law enforcement about animals misbehaving.

At 2:36 p.m. Sunday at the 15900 block of 232nd Avenue Northeast in Hawick, a caller reported a neighbor's rooster kept coming over and making "unwanted advances" toward the caller's hens. The rooster's owner "promptly retrieved" the delinquent rooster, the report said.

Law enforcement were also out looking for a missing bison around 2:49 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of state Highway 23 and 60th Street Southwest in Willmar. While law enforcement officers were unable to locate the animal, according to the report, the owner said he was aware it was loose and would be looking for it.

Homecoming pranks

WILLMAR — Law enforcement received several reports of homecoming pranks in Willmar, New London and Spicer over the past few days. Both Willmar and New London-Spicer schools are celebrating homecoming this week.

At 11:49 p.m. Monday, a caller reported parties attempting to toilet paper houses around the intersection of Third Avenue and 23rd Street Southeast in Willmar.

At 8:13 p.m. Tuesday, law enforcement spoke to several students from New London-Spicer Schools about throwing eggs at cars. The students also allegedly had a BB gun with them, on school property.

The students were released to their parents and the report said the school district would address it. The owners of the egged vehicles were also notified.

At 8:27 a.m. Wednesday, damage to a house and property, allegedly due to homecoming activities, was reported at the 200 block of Lake Avenue North in Spicer.

A caller also reported on Wednesday that 15 deep ruts were found in a yard ditch on Sept. 15, also allegedly relating to juveniles out toilet-papering around the 16000 block of Golf View Drive in New London. The caller said he had video of the vehicle, the report said.