WORTHINGTON, Minn. — A plea petition indicating Prairie Elementary Assistant Principal Cory Van Briesen's desire to plead guilty to one of two domestic assault charges was filed Thursday, Oct. 17, in Nobles County District Court.

Initially scheduled as a two-day jury trial to commence Thursday morning, the signed plea petition outlines an agreement to dismiss one misdemeanor domestic assault charge in exchange for his guilty plea to another misdemeanor domestic assault — bodily injury — charge.

According to court records, the charges relate to two reported domestic assaults that occurred in early 2019. Audio evidence reportedly captured one of the assaults, in which the victim was slammed into a door, causing bruises. The charges were filed in late March.

In the plea petition, Van Briesen, 45, said he was arguing with his spouse and "pushed her back."

"She accidentally hit a door, causing her pain," the plea reads. "The injury was accidental, but the push was intentional."

If the judge sentences in accordance to the plea agreement, Van Briesen will be sentenced to 90 days in jail, which will be stayed for one year, during which he'll serve supervised probation.

Independent School District 518 confirmed Van Briesen is still employed with the district.