LITCHFIELD — A nearly two-year prison sentence was handed down to a Litchfield man for two domestic assault convictions stemming from cases in 2019. According to court documents, the prison sentence is for two different cases, one in Litchfield in March 2019 and one in Fridley in October 2019.

Kellen William Hanson, 35, of Litchfield was first sentenced in January in Anoka County to 23 months for the case that happened in Fridley. He was then sentenced Friday in Meeker County to 23 months for the incident that occurred in Litchfield. The two sentences will be served concurrently. Hanson received credit for time already served, 110 days for the Anoka County case and 236 days for the Meeker County case.

Hanson is already incarcerated in the St. Cloud Correctional Facility.

Hanson was charged with two felony counts of domestic assault and one felony count of threats of violence for an incident March 28, 2019, in Litchfield. He is alleged to have verbally threatened and physically assaulted a woman. Court documents said Hanson threatened to cut the woman's throat if she left him, held her up against a wall and threatened to burn her belongings.

Hanson was convicted of one count of domestic felony assault. The remaining two counts were dismissed.

In the Anoka County case, Hanson was charged with one felony count of domestic assault and a felony second-degree assault from a Oct. 6, 2019, incident when Hanson is alleged to have hit a woman several times in the face with his fist while he was on top of her.

An individual who called 911 said they saw Hanson assaulting the alleged victim in a Fridley residence where they were all staying and that the caller told Hanson to stop. Hanson began arguing with the caller and pushed them, court documents said. As the caller was on the phone with 911, Hanson approached with a wrench in his hand and the caller said they feared Hanson was going to assault them as well.

Court documents said Hanson also dragged the woman to a car, put her in the vehicle and drove off. He crashed the vehicle a short distance later and the woman was able to get back to the home.

Hanson was convicted of the domestic assault charge while the second-degree assault charge was dismissed.

Court documents said Hanson has other past domestic violence-related convictions, as well as convictions for terroristic threats, assault and 911 interference.