WILLMAR — What started as a Willmar Police Department officer offering a ride home to an intoxicated man ended with the man under arrest for pointing a gun at officers.

Justin Eugene Quigley, 40, of Willmar, appeared last week in Kandiyohi County District Court on two felony charges that stemmed from the incident.

Quigley has been charged with first-degree assault for use of deadly force against a peace officer and fourth-degree assault for physically assaulting a peace officer.

His next court date is Sept. 2.

According to court records, an employee at the American Legion in Willmar had called Willmar police for assistance with an intoxicated man, Quigley, who had passed out at the bar.

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Quigley told an officer he wanted to walk home, but the officer offered him a ride because he would have had to walk across a busy street and was very intoxicated.

Quigley was unsteady on his feet and argumentative, according to court records.

When officers drove him home and escorted him to his door, Quigley ordered them off his property. He was angry with an officer who walked him into his garage to make sure he didn't fall. He tried to slam his kitchen door but fell when he tried.

Quigley claimed they were harassing him because he was a gun owner, according to the complaint.

When officers told him they would leave, Quigley kicked an officer in the shin and nearly fell backwards. He slammed the door shut after officers left his garage.

While officers were on the street near their squad cars, Quigley walked to his living room window holding a long-barreled, silver revolver in his hand. The officers took cover behind their cars.

Quigley came out his front door with the revolver, then returned to his house. He later came out the garage door without the gun and began walking down the driveway.

He refused to follow commands, and officers eventually brought him to the ground and arrested him.

Using a search warrant, authorities found two revolvers, two pistols and a shotgun in the house, along with an ammunition box.