WILLMAR — During the last week, about 20 new county road signs have been stolen in Kandiyohi County, creating safety concerns for travelers and added expenses for taxpayers.

Each sign costs $150 to make and install, said Mel Odens, Kandiyohi County Public Works director.

“It starts to add up,” Odens said. “People need to realize it all costs money.”

He said it’s hard to explain the random thefts that have been reported on roads and bridges around Willmar, Atwater, Spicer and New London.

The missing signs include those warning of no passing zones, stop ahead, detours and yield.

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Odens said he’s especially concerned about the missing regulatory signs that could result in accidents and “somebody getting hurt” because they didn’t yield or stop at an intersection where a sign was stolen.

While concerned about the number of signs the county has already reported stolen, Odens said he’s also worried about the number of stolen signs that they haven’t discovered missing yet.

He said if anyone knows where the signs are and wants to return them, they can be left by the fence by the Public Works Department in Willmar — no questions asked.