WORTHINGTON, Minn. — Law enforcement arrested a Wisconsin resident and seized more than 70 pounds of marijuana products during a Friday, Oct. 16, traffic stop in Nobles County.

While conducting the traffic stop, a Minnesota state trooper noticed that the driver, Scott Sellin, 26, of Mount Pleasant, Wis., appeared nervous. The rental vehicle smelled of cigarette smoke, which the officer thought may be used to mask the odor of drugs. Sellin's duffle bag was in the back seat, indicating that the trunk may be full.

When the officer asked to search Sellin's vehicle, Sellin didn't give permission. The trooper's K-9 partner did an exterior sniff and alerted on the vehicle, at which point Sellin "begged (the trooper) not to search" it, according to the criminal complaint. The officer discovered 68 one-pound heat-sealed packages of raw marijuana and three pounds of marijuana wax upon opening the truck.

Sellin was arrested on first-degree drug sale and second-degree drug possession charges. The sale charge carries a maximum possible sentence of 30 years in prison and/or a $1 million fine, but if Sellin is convicted, his actual sentence will be based on his criminal history.

Sellin is being held in Nobles County Jail on bail set at $20,000 with conditions and $60,000 without.