LITCHFIELD — Law enforcement in Meeker County is warning people of a dangerous scam that has been reported in the area and has caused one victim to lose $12,000.

According to a news release from Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze, senior citizens are receiving a call from an unknown individual, who in one case has posed as a Litchfield attorney, telling the victim a family member has been involved in an accident. The caller then tells the victim the fake family member is in need of money to stay out of legal trouble.

The caller then tells the victim to gather up the requested cash, without telling anyone what they are doing, and then call back the caller to come and pick up the money. In the scam cases reported to law enforcement, someone then arrives at the victim's house to collect the money.

The Sheriff's Office is also warning local banks of the scam, as victims are cashing checks and withdrawing large sums of money at the direction of the thieves, the news release said.

Anyone who has been a victim of this scam, has been contacted by the thieves or who knows someone who has been targeted by the scam is encouraged to call the Meeker County Sheriff's Office and report it. Anyone with information about the scam or those who are behind it is also urged to call. The Meeker County dispatch number is 320-693-5400. There is also a Meeker County confidential tip line at 320-693-5411.