OLIVIA — A twice convicted sex offender lost his appeal for a reduction in his sentence in a decision issued Monday by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

The court affirmed a 74-month prison sentence issued by the District Court in Renville County to Ronny Ray Oleson, 61, of Olivia. The District Court sentenced him in October 2019 for a conviction of third-degree criminal sexual conduct using force or coercion. The sentencing guidelines called for a durational range from 53 months to 74 months.

Oleson argued in his appeal that the District Court abused its discretion by denying his motion for a downward departure in sentencing. He argued that he was particularly amenable to probation and treatment in a probationary setting.

The District Court agreed that he would benefit from treatment and that the defendant wants to go to treatment rather than prison. But the District Court stated that it could “find no substantial and compelling reasons to find that Mr. Oleson is particularly amenable to probation.”

The Court of Appeals decided that the “district court acted within its discretion by concluding that Oleson demonstrated mere amenability to probation but failed to demonstrate his particular amenability to probation. This is not one of the “rare” cases warranting reversal,” wrote the court in its decision.

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Oleson was sentenced for the third-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction in this case for acts committed against an 18-year-old female on multiple occasions, according to the criminal complaint.

Oleson had also been convicted in July 2019 for second-degree criminal sexual conduct for assaulting a girl under age 13 for nearly a two-year period. In that case, he was granted a stay of imposition of the sentence but ordered to serve 270 days in jail, with credit for the 136 days he had already served. He also was placed on supervised probation for 10 years and ordered to register as a predatory offender.