WILLMAR — A Willmar man accused of filming a 15-year-old in the shower had his first appearance June 9 in front of Eighth Judicial District Judge Rodney Hanson.

Rhett Porter Lundgren, 45, is charged with four felony counts of interference with privacy against a minor.

Lundgren was released released on own recognizance and is to have no unsupervised contact with the juvenile. He is also excluded from the juvenile's residence.

According to the criminal complaint, Lundgren told law enforcement that he had filmed the girl with a GoPro camera he had set up in the bathroom in the home where they both lived. He also told law enforcement he had been doing so for months and that he knew it was wrong.

A search warrant for Lundgren's GoPro found 1,048 images of the juvenile in the bathroom, both nude and partially dressed. A tablet computer law enforcement searched also contained 262 images that had been downloaded to the device from the GoPro application.

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The juvenile initially found the camera hidden in a bathrobe in November of 2020. After securing the camera, the juvenile hid it under a recycling bin where it was retrieved and provided to law enforcement. She told law enforcement that she had noticed the camera sticking out of a robe for a couple of months and that she was sure Lundgren was the one who set up the camera.

"She explained that she would suspect the camera to be showing up after finding it popping up every now and then, so she would look through the bathroom throughout the day and it wouldn’t be there. Lundgren would go into the bathroom right before she showered, and she would find it set up afterwards," reads part of the complaint.

The juvenile's mother also gave law enforcement two other tablets belonging to Lundgren. Neither contained images of the juvenile but one showed a search history for various spy or hidden cameras.