OLIVIA — Elizabeth Perry Lynch, 36, of Hector, was sentenced Wednesday to 48 months in prison for the fatal shooting of Anthony Jon Tebben, 43, in their home on March 26, 2020, in Hector.

Lynch pleaded guilty June 28 to second-degree manslaughter — culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to drop two other charges: second-degree murder with intent — not premeditated and second-degree murder — without intent while committing a felony.

She will serve 32 months of that in actual confinement and may be released for the final 18 months of her sentence provided good behavior in prison.

Lynch was also ordered to provide a DNA sample and to pay restitution, which the state has 60 days to file. Lynch, who has been in jail since her arrests, was given credit for 532 days served.

"I'm extremely sorry," Lynch said through tears before sentencing. "I'm remorseful. I live with this every day of my life. I'm really, really sorry."

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In emotional victim impact statements, Tebben's sister, Jacqueline Tebben-Bachtle, and mother, Linda Stevens, both asked sentencing Judge Dwayne Knutsen to sentence Lynch to the maximum sentence possible.

Tebben-Bachtle described in court Wednesday the day her brother was killed. "Pure dread set in when I saw what (Lynch) had done to my brother," she said. According to court records, Tebben was shot in the head at close range.

Stevens told the court that Lynch was emotionally and physically abusive to Tebben and described a chaotic relationship between the pair.

"If she ever comes out of prison, I hope it's in a body bag," she said.

Stevens acknowledged that Tebben hit Lynch about a week before the shooting but admonished her for not walking away.

"I had to bury my first-born child," Stevens said in court. "I hope no one here has to go through that because it's torture."

Tebben had six previous domestic abuse convictions, according to the Minnesota Court Records website. Lynch has no previous convictions for domestic abuse.

Judge Knutsen expressed sympathy to Tebben's family but said sentencing would be bound by Minnesota sentencing guidelines, which take into account the charge of which she is convicted and past criminal history along with the plea agreement struck by the Renville County Attorney's Office and Lynch's defense counsel, Steven Bergeson, of Minneapolis.

According to Knutsen, sentencing guidelines only allowed him to sentence Lynch to between 41 months and 57 months. He said that had he rejected the plea agreement, Lynch would have been allowed to withdraw her guilty plea as well.

"I think at this stage of the litigation, that would not be appropriate on my part," he said.

The case had originally been scheduled for a jury trial to begin July 28 and a previous ruling would have allowed Lynch to offer evidence of past domestic abuse by Tebben.

According to court records, on the night of March 26, 2020, Lynch fired a handgun while she and Tebben argued in the home. The two had a troubled relationship and often argued, according to court records.

Tebben had broken a plate that had belonged to Lynch’s mother. He was taunting her while she pointed the handgun at him at close range during the argument, according to allegations in the criminal complaint.

When interviewed by arresting officers immediately after the shooting, Lynch said Tebben had been beating her for half a year and that she was afraid of him, according to court records.

She said she did not know the handgun was loaded — she had purchased it that morning in Montevideo — and that she "flinched" and it discharged, according to statements she made to investigators.

Court records indicate that potential witnesses were to testify that Tebben and Lynch argued and that there were alleged instances when they punched each other.