OLIVIA — A Redwood Falls man was sentenced Wednesday in Redwood Falls District Court to 36 months in prison for his role in two stabbings at an 2020 party in Morton.

Laroyce Tabais Taylor, 30, pleaded guilty July 14 to felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon that caused substantial bodily harm.

One of the people who was stabbed suffered a collapsed lung as a result of his injury.

A felony first-degree attempted murder — premeditated charge was dismissed in February after Minnesota Eighth Judicial District Judge Laurence Stratton ruled in favor of the defense that the prosecution did not have evidence Taylor planned an attempted murder of the victim.

Judge Stratton also credited Taylor 306 days served Wednesday and ordered him to submit a DNA sample and pay restitution. The state has 30 days to file additional certificates of restitution.

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According to court documents, the stabbings occurred after birthday party participants threw some unexpected people out of the party after one of them struck a woman during a fight. The fight occurred late on Oct. 24.

As the uninvited people were leaving, they allegedly drove recklessly around the property and struck a man with a vehicle before leaving.

About 4 a.m. Oct. 25, guests at the party were warned that the uninvited people were returning, according to court records. While the uninvited man who had struck the woman was trying to apologize, Taylor allegedly got involved in an argument with the man who had been struck by the vehicle.

The man who had been struck by the vehicle suggested a one-on-one fight, according to court records, but Taylor allegedly pulled out a knife with a curved blade measuring 3 to 5 inches.

As the two men were arguing, the other man pushed Taylor away, and others tried to get between them to break up the fight. During the fight, a party guest allegedly fired a shot into the air to try to scare the uninvited people away.

Taylor allegedly swung his knife and cut the right side of the other man’s lip. He then allegedly plunged the knife into the side of another man. The man with the cut lip then punched Taylor. While they fought on the ground, Taylor allegedly cut the man again, this time by stabbing him behind the shoulder.

Taylor and the other uninvited people fled in their vehicles, according to court records.

The gunshot had caused a call to law enforcement, who arrived at the scene and paged an ambulance.

The man who had been stabbed in the side was described as “gushing blood,” and he was found to have a collapsed lung, according to court records. The other man had a slashing wound to his back.

Witnesses described Taylor, and the victims identified him from photos, as did several other witnesses.