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First day of school in Willmar

Erica Dischino / Tribune Jordan Blahosky, 7, left, and her twin sister Reece Blahosky, 7, walk Tuesday with their father Ryan Blahosky into Roosevelt Elementary School for their first day of first grade in Willmar. 1 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Christian Parker, 10, left, and Autumn Hewitt, 10, fill out a questionnaire Tuesday during the first day of school to get to know students in their fifth-grade class at Lakeland Elementary School in Willmar. 2 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Mildred Medina, 11, left, and Aundreya Munoz, 11, eat their lunch Tuesday on the first day of school at Willmar Middle School. 3 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Willmar Middle School Principal Mark Miley, left, helps Audriana Esparze, 11, to navigate the halls on her first day of sixth grade Tuesday. 4 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Mariah Marisphini, 11, left, puts things in her new locker Tuesday with the help of Alisha Christienson, 11, on their first day of sixth grade at Willmar Middle School. 5 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Students leave the bus in the parking lot Tuesday of Roosevelt Elementary School on their first day in Willmar. 6 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Third-grade teacher Becca Kazemzadeh conducts a team building exercise Tuesday with her new class on the first day of school at Lakeland Elementary School in Willmar.7 / 8
Erica Dischino / Tribune Kara Mages, 7, enters Roosevelt Elementary all smiles Tuesday morning before the school day starts for her first day of second grade in Willmar. 8 / 8

WILLMAR - Rain or shine, students in the Willmar area brought out their backpacks for their first day of school on Tuesday.

Erica Dischino

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