WILLMAR - LTD Broadband recently expanded wireless service to the lakes area of Kandiyohi County with the installation of LTE equipment on water towers in Spicer, on Green Lake, in New London and a tower site by Long Lake.

The company now has 120 towers in Kandiyohi County bringing wireless internet service to rural areas that lack broadband or are underserved.

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The newly installed equipment will allow internet download speeds up to 25 mbps with no data caps.

LTD Broadband uses a hybrid fiber and fixed wireless network that provides fast speeds while keeping prices low, especially for customers in remote or sparsely populated rural neighborhoods that are often difficult to serve in a cost-effective way.

"We believe that leveraging existing fiber to deliver high-speed fixed wireless is the best way to continue to expand broadband availability in rural areas," said Corey Hauer, CEO.

The company began bringing service to Kandiyohi County last year with the installation of 38 towers by the end of 2017.

The most recent addition this week, a tower site in the Long Lake area north of New London, involved a partnership with Kandiyohi Power Cooperative.

"This was definitely an area with a need for a better broadband option - and we didn't have a solution until Rep. Dave Baker linked us up with Kandi Power. Quite simply, we could not have brought service to this area without their help," Hauer said.

LTD Broadband is planning several more deployments in and around Kandiyohi County this year to fill in coverage gaps.

To date, the company has built more than 1,000 tower sites in rural Minnesota and Iowa.

LTD Broadband can be reached online at www.ltdbroadband.net or by calling 507-369-6669.