MONTEVIDEO - An 18-year-old woman has been granted a harassment restraining order against Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher, alleging that he has sent her hundreds of texts, some of a sexual nature.

A hearing requested by Christopher is scheduled for 2 p.m. Nov. 28 in Chippewa County District Court in Montevideo. A harassment restraining order is a civil court action.

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A temporary restraining order prohibits Christopher from having contact with the woman through phone calls, email or social networking. He is also barred from the woman's home or place of employment. The order will be in effect until November 2020 unless it is changed by the court after the Nov. 28 hearing.

In her petition for the restraining order, filed Nov. 15, the woman wrote that Christopher was an acquaintance - the father of a taekwondo classmate and a Facebook friend. In 2017, when she was 17 years old, they began a casual texting and messaging, "and it was fine."

The woman alleges that things changed Nov. 7, when Christopher's texts and Facebook messages became sexual in nature and much more frequent. She said the texts numbered in the hundreds.

When the increase in texting started, "I usually conversed with him, because I didn't know how else to respond," the woman wrote in the petition.

She alleged that Christopher called her "tempting" and said he wanted to kiss her "starting with my collarbone and move down."

Christopher would ask where she was and ask her to come find him. "When I refuse, he continues to ask and ask....," she wrote. While she's not aware of him stalking her in person, she wrote, he has said, "Next time I'm up there, I'll stalk you," referring to the city where she goes to college.

The woman wrote that she felt frightened and threatened by Christopher and feared retaliation from him for filing the petition. She also wrote that she feared the harassment would continue.

"I feel like he is using his power and his relationship with my family," she wrote. "He feels that gives him the right."

Attempts to contact Christopher and Montevideo City Administrator Steve Jones were unsuccessful Wednesday. Montevideo

City Council President Marvin Garbe said in a telephone interview that he was aware of the situation, but he referred questions about the city's reaction to it to Jones.