KERKHOVEN — The owner of the building housing the Kerkhoven Post Office is working with the U.S. Postal Service to reopen the building for postal services.

The Postal Service announced Dec. 24 that there would be an “indefinite closure” of the Kerkhoven Post Office due to building safety concerns. The post office in Murdock is handling Kerkhoven mail in the interim.

Tom Schutt of Willmar is the owner of the Kerkhoven building. He told the West Central Tribune on Friday that he is working with the Postal Service to reopen the building. He is not sure how long it will take.

He said there is a structural issue with exterior brickwork. Schutt said he had a contractor ready to fix the brickwork but the Postal Service decided to move before he could get at the work.

The mason remains ready and willing to work on the bricks, Schutt said. He is hopeful of seeing things get underway, but needs word from the Postal Service before the repairs can start and the building can be reopened for postal patrons and employees.

He said the winter weather also presents a challenge for the brickwork, but that the work could be undertaken.