APPLETON — Swift County is working to expand the Appleton Area Recreation Park, an off-highway vehicle park that is seeing increased usage.

The Swift County Board of Commissioners approved motions Tuesday to apply for Federal Recreation Trails Program and Minnesota Trails Association Program grant funds for possible land acquisition.

Mike Johnson, parks and drainage director for the county, told the commissioners that a landowner has expressed possible interest in selling land for the park. The park is located in a former gravel mine area on the east side of Appleton.

The county recently took ownership of 127 acres that it previously had used as part of the park under an easement agreement. The Appleton Area Project had acquired the property for the park, and the county purchased the parcel from the organization after obtaining grant funds for it.

The park includes 20 miles of trails on the approximately 330-acre site.

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Johnson said the current discussions include the possibility of adding 175 acres to the park.

Commissioner Gary Hendrickx, of Appleton, said the park saw increased usage during the past year as its popularity continues to grow. The past year saw riders coming from greater distances than in previous years.