Mac’s Hardware fills retail hole in Olivia

OLIVIA -- The building has been empty since ALCO turned off the lights almost a year ago. Today shoppers in and around Olivia have a new place to shop with the opening of Mac's Hardware."It is very exciting," said manager Bill Kostohryz.Mac's Har...

Mac's Hardware
The old ALCO building in Olivia has a new look both inside and out as Mac’s Hardware. The new store opens today. (SHELBY LINDRUD | TRIBUNE)

OLIVIA - The building has been empty since ALCO turned off the lights almost a year ago. Today shoppers in and around Olivia have a new place to shop with the opening of Mac’s Hardware.
“It is very exciting,” said manager Bill Kostohryz.
Mac’s Hardware, established as a retail store in 1965, is a fifth-generation, family-owned business based in Moorhead. Olivia is the company’s 15th store and fourth in Minnesota.
“We’re excited about coming to Olivia,” said Lyle Grenz, senior manager of store operations. He and fellow senior manager Ryan Dragt have been on hand in Olivia to help get the store ready.
The store’s motto, “Not Just Another Hardware Store,” is illustrated in the newly revamped building in Olivia.
“There is a little bit of everything,” Kostohryz said.
Much has changed since Kostohryz first came to the building in December.
“When I walked in the first day, there was nothing,” Kostohryz said.
In less than three months, the team of Mac’s employees for several different stores has transformed the location into a bright new shopping option.
There is a new paint job and display shelves. A brand new changing room has been built and even the parking lot has been freshened up.
“We’ve used a lot of local vendors and contractors to do the work inside,” Dragt said.
“The store looks thousands times better,” Kostohryz said.
In addition to the normal hardware store staples of electrical, plumbing and hardware, Mac’s offers a few less common departments.
Amongst the hammers and screwdrivers are upholstery fabric and a large selection of rope and cable.
“You’ll never find a bigger selection anywhere,” Kostohryz said.
Mac’s also sells Carhartt clothing for men and women, such as jeans, shirts and sweatshirts.
Then there is the nostalgic display which includes pop, candy and toys.
“One of my personal favorites is the nostalgic pop,” Kostohryz said.
To meet the needs in Olivia, Mac’s has extended its selection of housewares, paper products and cleaning products, to fill a void left by discount retailer ALCO, Kostohryz said.
One of Mac’s most popular offerings is the Shed. Here Mac’s brings in a constantly evolving stock of surplus products such as lockers, motors, desks, ammo boxes and much more. Mac’s also offers military surplus.
Kostohryz and Dragt said for the most part feedback in the community has been good, and they’re excited to see the store open.
“I think this community needed another retailer. Keep people home,” Kostohryz said.
There have been concerns about Mac’s hurting other local businesses, but Kostohryz doesn’t think that will be a problem.
When ALCO was still open, there was the same concern when Dollar General moved to town. Instead Kostohryz said more people came to town and shopped.
“We’re so thrilled there is such excitement in the community,” said KayLynn Wold, marketing manager.
For Kostohryz it means even more than a new store in Olivia. Kostohryz was the manager of the Olivia ALCO and was there when the store closed after the company filed for bankruptcy. For six months after the closing, he worked at the Shopko in Paynesville, that neighborhood’s former ALCO. But, the distance from his family made it hard.
“I missed home,” Kostohryz.
So, when he heard about Mac’s Hardware coming to Olivia, he jumped at the chance.
He is now manager of a different store, but in the same building he spent nine years in.
“I was just pumped up,” Kostohryz said.
Three other Olivia ALCO employees have joined Kostohryz at Mac’s. All totaled there are about 12 employees working at the new store.
“It’s an awesome place to work,” Kostohryz said.
Mac’s officially opened its doors today and plans a grand opening celebration from Feb. 27 to March 6, which will feature many prize giveaways.
“Come in and see what has happened,” Kostohryz.
Mac’s Hardware in Olivia will be open 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays.

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