Renville County to urge four buffer law holdouts to comply

Renville County will try personal visits to four landowners who have not complied with the state buffer law

The Renville County drainage inspector reported that three property owners in the county remain out of compliance with the state's buffer law. It requires a 16.5-foot-wide planting of perennial cover along public ditches. West Central Tribune file photo

OLIVIA β€” Renville County has seen nearly 100 percent compliance with the state’s buffer law, with four exceptions.

The Renville County Board of Commissioners reviewed a report Tuesday showing that four landowners have not complied with the state mandate to seed a buffer strip along ditches on their properties.

Perennial vegetation buffers of 16.5 feet are required along ditches to help filter phosphorus, nitrogen and sediment.

The commissioners informally agreed to make one more effort to encourage their participation instead of imposing an administrative penalty. The landowners are located in the districts of three different commissioners. Commissioners Bob Fox, Doug Erickson and Randy Kramer said they would personally call on the individuals in their respective districts to urge compliance with the law.

Drainage Inspector Seth Sparks said the landowners have received four different letters from the Soil and Water Conservation District regarding their status. The most recent asked them to return a check-off box on the bottom in which they could indicate whether they plan to seed a buffer or already have done so. The four have not responded to any of the correspondence, he said.

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