Republicans keep west central Minnesota legislative seats by wide margin

Assistant head election judge Laura Dilley sanitizes the voting stations Tuesday on Election Day at the Ward 2, Precinct 2, polling location at Vinje Lutheran Church in Willmar. Erica Dischino / West Central Tribune

Republicans continue to hold state Senate and House districts in west central Minnesota with all incumbents and newcomers leading by wide margins. These are the figures available from the Secretary of State's office as of a check Wednesday morning. Tallies may fluctuate throughout the day as counties enter more data, and final tallies are pending as absentee ballots will be accepted until Nov. 10 in Minnesota.

* Projected winner

State Senate races

District 18

*(R) Scott Newman (incumbent) β€” 71.36%, 31,313

(DFL) Chad R. Tschimperle β€” 28.51%, 12,512


District 16

*(R) Gary Dahms (incumbent) β€” 73.66%, 29,690

(Independence-Alliance) Joshua Prine β€” 14.01%, 5,647

(Legal Marijuana Now) Steve "Stoney" Preslicka β€” 12.09%, 4,875

District 13

*(R) Jeff Howe β€” 69.40%, 30,769

(DFL) Michael Willemsen β€” 30.49%, 13,515

District 12


*(R) Torrey Westrom (incumbent) β€” 67.60%, 28,254

(DFL) Russ Hinrichs β€” 32.34%, 13,515

State House of Representatives races

District 18A

*(R) Dean Urdahl (incumbent, running unopposed) β€” 97.81%, 17,787

District 16A

*(R) Chris Swedzinski (incumbent) β€” 69.71%, 13,913

(DFL) Doria Drost β€” 30.75%, 6,184

District 16B


*(R) Paul Torkelson (incumbent) β€” 67.63%, 14,476

(DFL) Marinda "Mindy" Kimmel β€” 32.24%, 6,902

District 13A

*(R) Lisa Demuth β€” 70.96%, 15,472

(DFL) Katy Westlund β€” 28.91%, 6,304

District 12A

*(R) Jeffery W Backer (incumbent) β€” 66.83%, 14,702

(DFL) Murray Smart β€” 33.09%, 7,280


District 12B

*(R) Paul Anderson (incumbent) β€” 74.54%, 16,022

(DFL) Ben Schirmers β€” 25.39%, 5,458

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