ST. PAUL — Como Zoo welcomed two fluffy baby Dall sheep in April, lambs that join a growing, weather-themed family.

Iao, whose name means “cloud supreme” in Hawaiian, was born to Drizzle on April 1, and Breezy was born to Sunny on April 24. Others in the family are named Storm, Thunder, Skywalker, Rainy, Nimbus — and father Sylvester, who is more a sheep of the earth.

“Both babies are healthy, eating well, and are very, very adorable,” said said zookeeper Jill Erzar.

The St. Paul zoo uses various methods to name its newest members.

Iao (pronounced “EE-ow”) was named by a donor to Como Friends, a nonprofit partner. The donor said he named the lamb for a valley in Maui that he and his wife love.

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“We look forward to visiting her and her family,” the donor told the zoo. “The Dall sheep are so majestic.”

Breezy, who was born on her mother’s third birthday, was named by the zookeepers who care for the hoofed animals.

“Breezy seems to fit her personality,” Erzar said. “She scampers around so lightly and is surprisingly very graceful for a baby.”

Native to Alaska and Canada, Dall sheep males, or rams, are known for their massive curled horns. Ewes also have horns but they are shorter and only slightly curved.

The lambs can be seen every day at Como Zoo. Reservations, which are free and can be found on the zoo’s website, are required, as are face masks.