Tribune poll reveals majority of fans think Colts will tame Bears

If the overwhelming majority rules among those polled by the Tribune as to which team will emerge victorious in Super Bowl XLI Sunday in Miami, the Indianapolis Colts will gallop away with the Lombardi Trophy.

If the overwhelming majority rules among those polled by the Tribune as to which team will emerge victorious in Super Bowl XLI Sunday in Miami, the Indianapolis Colts will gallop away with the Lombardi Trophy.

Among 22 responding via e-mail or fax, 20 picked the Colts to beat the Chicago Bears.

The Colts are a heavy favorite to win as oddsmakers have made them a touchdown favorite, a hefty margin in a Super Bowl.

The AFC has won the last three Super Bowls. The last time an NFC team won was when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolled past the Oakland Raiders 48-21 in 2003.

The Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985, a 46-10 rout of the New England Patriots. The Colts last won when they were the Baltimore Colts in 1971, a 16-13 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.


Those polled were asked to name the winning team and why they made their decision. Selections are in parenthesis.

SUSAN ALSTROM, Bufflao Lake-Hector volleyball coach

(Indianapolis): Because I like Tony Dungy. I think he has done great things with every football team he has coached and I wish we would get him back here in Minnesota.

TODD BOUMAN, NFL quarterback

(Indianapolis): Because Peyton has a laser rocket arm!

JOHN CARLSON, Litchfield boys basketball and tennis coach

(Indianapolis): I think Peyton Manning is going to tear it up Sunday. Ben Utecht will have one touchdown to get a little Minnesota flavor.

JAMES CORTEZ, KMS football coach


(Indianapolis): It seems the Colts have too many weapons on offense and their defense has played well enough throughout the postseason to handle the Bears' offense. Plus, it's hard to pick against Peyton Manning. He seems ready to lead the Colts to a championship.

MIKE DAMMANN, MACCRAY football coach

(Indianapolis): I think it is time for Manning (similar to Steve Young) to get the monkey off his back. If the Colts get the lead on the Bears, it could be a long day for Chicago.

SCOTT GONNERMAN, Benson football coach

(Chicago): The Bears have a great defense that can pressure Manning. They can also control the clock by running the football, which will limit the Colt's offense. And they have an edge in special teams play.

BOB GREY, Montevideo athletic director

(Indianapolis): I'm going to have to go with the Colts. I have always liked Tony Dungy.

KEN HEITZMAN, Willmar football coach


(Indianapolis): I think the Colts have too much offensive firepower for the Bears' defense to stop everybody. And the Colts' defense will be good enough to contain the Bears' offense quarterbacked by Rex Grossman.

STEVE HILL, Minnewaska football coach

(Indianapolis): This is my fifth period physical education class (making the pick). They know everything!

JON JOHNSON, Litchfield football coach

(Indianapolis): Peyton Manning. And the Colts' defense is playing well.

TERRY KARLSGODT, ACGC football coach

(Indianapolis): Manning has the quarterback advantage. Dungy has the coaching advantage.

TIM KNAPPER, Yellow Medicine East athletic director


(Indianapolis): The Bears are missing a couple of key defensive players and are not as tough as they once were. I think the Colts will score a bunch and the pressure of the big game will eventually get to Rex Grossman. The Colts' defense may score more points than the Bears' offense.

CORY LARSON, Dawson-Boyd football coach

(Indianapolis): The rejuvenated Indy defense will stop the Bears' ground game, putting more pressure on Rex Grossman to make plays (which he won't do). The Colts' offense will score points and take care of the ball.

PHIL LIENEMANN, Dawson-Boyd football coach

(Indianapolis): Peyton Manning will be able to handle the Bears' defense. And Rex Grossman is too questionable to put up consistent performances.

TED NETT, Paynesville football coach

(Indianapolis): The Colts have a better offense and are more rounded.

LYLE RAMBOW, Morris baseball coach


(Indianapolis): I think the non-favorite role may have helped out the Colts (in the playoffs). And their defense in the playoffs has made the difference. Plus, they have Peyton Manning.


(Indianapolis): I watched (Peyton) Manning carve up the Patriots. I have a whole new opinion of him as a clutch quarterback.

DAVE SCHIMMING, Montevideo football coach

(Indianapolis): The Colts' defense has come around.

SHANNON SCHMIDT, KMS volleyball coach

(Indianapolis): I have to give the edge to Peyton Manning and the Colts. I think Rex Grossman's luck is about to run out. Now, who I think may win and who I am cheering for may be two different things.

BRAD SKOGLUND, Paynesville baseball coach


(Indianapolis): I'm a huge Gopher football fan so I pick the team with the most Minnesota Gophers, including coach Tony Dungy.

STEVE SOLEM, BOLD football coach

(Chicago): I love the underdog!

TIM TANNER, RCW football coach

(Indianapolis): I usually like to stick with the NFC, especially when it's the Central Division. But I don't think the Bears have enough firepower to stay with the Colts.

JOHN VRAA, New London-Spicer athletic director and former Ridgewater College football coach

(Indianapolis): The Colts seem to be able to find a way to score points when they need to and they will play good enough defense to stop Grossman and the Bears.

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