Two men charged in Montevideo shooting

MONTEVIDEO -- Second-degree attempted murder charges were filed against two men accused of shooting at two other people in a vehicle Tuesday in Montevideo.

MONTEVIDEO -- Second-degree attempted murder charges were filed against two men accused of shooting at two other people in a vehicle Tuesday in Montevideo.

Marco Antonio Gutierrez Chavez, 43, and his son, Jesus Antonio Gutierrez, 18, were arraigned Thursday in Chippewa County District Court. Bail for each was set at $200,000 unconditional and $100,000 conditional, according to Chippewa County Attorney Dwayne Knutsen.

Both men face two counts of second-degree attempted murder, two counts of aiding and abetting second-degree attempted murder and two counts of second-degree assault.

The two allegedly shot at a vehicle as it drove by their home Tuesday evening. The shooting allegedly stemmed from an ongoing dispute between Jesus Gutierrez and another group from Montevideo.

According to the complaints filed against the two, Montevideo police responded to a call Tuesday evening of shots fired at 103 Fourth St. S.


Police officers met with Jeovany Umanzor, who said he and his passenger were in a vehicle and came to a stop sign at Third Street and Black Oak Avenue when their vehicle was fired upon.

The trunk had pellet marks on it and the rear window and driver's side rear window were shot out, the complaint says.

Umanzor said he'd been shot at by Marco Gutierrez Chavez who lives near the location of the shooting.

Law enforcement was able to track down the vehicle and, later found a witness who'd been at the Gutierrez home at the time of the shooting, the complaint says.

The witness told police that Jesus Gutierrez had been assaulted by some "Hondurans" a few weeks prior, the complaint says.

The witness said that earlier on Tuesday, Jesus Gutierrez had gotten into a verbal altercation with a person from that group.

After school, the witness said, he and Jesus Gutierrez drove around town and were followed around by some "Hondurans." They then went to the Gutierrez residence.

The witness said that while they were at the Gutierrez residence, the other group kept driving by, sometimes having verbal exchanges with Jesus Gutierrez.


At some point, the witness said, Marco Gutierrez Chavez had a shotgun.

The witness said he thought he heard two shots and that Jesus Gutierrez had fired shots as well.

Later, officers went to the address of Jesus Gutierrez and Marco Gutierrez Chavez, where they arrested Marco and found a shotgun, ammunition and spent shells.

A woman at the home complained that the Montevideo Police Department hadn't done anything about a feud between her family and a group of "Hondurans" in Montevideo. She said that someone had hit her son, Jesus Gutierrez, in the head with either a chain or a bottle at the Jennie-O Christmas party. She said because the police hadn't done anything about the assault, her son would have to, the complaint says.

Police found an empty magazine for a .22-caliber weapon in the house and three shotgun shells. In the garage, they found a shotgun and three shotgun shells. A wad from a spent shotgun shell was found approximately 50 feet away from the residence, near the street.

Later that night, Jesus Gutierrez turned himself to police. He first told police that the vehicle that pulled in front of his house shot at him first. He later admitted that they did not shoot at him at all, the complaint says.

He said he was the one that shot at the individuals and not his father, the complaint says.

On Wednesday, Umanzor was interviewed. He said he didn't know why he was being shot at and thought it may be a case of mistaken identity.


Police were still gathering evidence Thursday afternoon, Knutsen said.

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