Voters in four west central Minnesota school districts to decide levies Nov. 2; RCW also voting on bond for pool

There are elections Nov. 2 in several west central Minnesota school districts. Levies are on the ballot and Renville County West is also deciding a bond issue to replace an outdoor pool.

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Four west central Minnesota school districts are among many statewide voting on operating levies Tuesday: Dawson-Boyd, New London-Spicer, Paynesville Area and Renville County West.

RCW voters are also deciding a bond issue for a new aquatic center to replace a pool in Renville.

A brief summary is provided here, plus links to the West Central Tribune stories published earlier this month previewing the election questions in all four districts.

DAWSONDawson-Boyd Public Schools is seeking a $460-per-pupil operating levy this fall. It would replace an expiring $270-per-pupil levy.


The current levy brings in $170,000 a year to help pay for district operations. The new levy would bring in another $115,000.

Dawson-Boyd’s levy is among the lowest in its area, according to the district’s website . The new levy would still be lower than most nearby comparable districts.

Read more here: Dawson-Boyd voters to decide school levy of $460 per pupil

NEW LONDON — Voters in the New London-Spicer School District will decide Nov. 2 whether the district will receive $1,020 per student from an operating levy over a 10-year period.

In a second question, they will decide if the levy may be increased by the rate of inflation over the 10 years.

NLS is one of just a few districts in the area currently without an operating levy.

Read more here: New London-Spicer Schools seeking operating levy Nov. 2


PAYNESVILLE — The Paynesville Area School District is asking voters to approve an operating levy Nov. 2 that could bring in more than $500,000 a year for 10 years for school operations.

The $531-per-pupil levy would be indexed to the rate of inflation each year.

The district currently has a $39.25-per-pupil operating levy, which will expire in a year. That levy is currently one of the lowest among neighboring school districts, according to information provided by the district

Read more here: Paynesville Area School District seeks operating levy of $531 per pupil

RENVILLE — Voters in the Renville County West School District will vote Nov. 2 on a $3.91 million bond issue to replace the school district’s outdoor pool with an aquatic center on a nearby site.


The bond issue is the second question on the ballot.

The first asks RCW voters to approve a levy increase of $110 per pupil over 10 years.

The bond question can pass only if the levy increase is approved.

The levy would provide $60,000 annually that district officials say would be used for aquatic center operations and deferred maintenance.

Read more here: Renville County West voters to decide $3.9 million aquatic center proposal

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