MONTEVIDEO - Pitching sandbags make for hungry workers, but no worries in Montevideo.

General Manager Robin Enevoldsen and her crew at the Cenex Travel Plaza in Montevideo are making sure the workers adding sandbags on the 1969 levee are well fed. They've been serving up pizza, hot dogs, cold meat sandwiches and lots of cookies to the sandbag crews, all of it gratis.

It was Enevoldsen's idea to make sure the volunteer firefighters and city workers on the levee are fed. She took part in the 1997 flood fight, and knows what it takes to sling and stack sandbags. Along with support from Cenex, she contacted suppliers, including Hunt's Brothers Pizza, Champs Chicken and Henry's Foods, and received donations of pizzas and cash.

"I was involved in the flood of 1997 and saw the way the community has come together when needed,'' said Enevoldsen. She said she only felt it was right that "we do our part" by helping out the crews working on this flood.

Feeding the sandbag crew keeps Enevoldsen and her workers at the Travel Plaza on the go. On Friday, they delivered 31 pizzas to the crew on the levee for lunch. All the while, they continued to prepare pizzas and other lunch items for customers at the Plaza. "No one had to go away hungry," said Enevoldsen. "An amazing team."