MONTEVIDEO — The National Weather Service is continuing to warn that there is an elevated threat of significant flooding this spring.

In a spring flood outlook issued on Thursday, the Weather Service said there has been very little change in the flood factors since it issued its first advisory in late January.

“Current conditions suggest spring flooding will be more likely than in a typical year throughout the Upper Midwest, but significant flooding is not certain,” the new outlook states.

Saturated soils, high river flows and an extended forecast favoring near-normal to above-normal precipitation in the weeks ahead remain the causes for concern.

Even a “normal” melt of the snowpack would result in significant flooding, according to the Weather Service.

In the Upper Minnesota River basin, the flooding risk remains of special concern in Montevideo. The Weather Service continues to warn that Montevideo has a 70 percent chance of reaching major flood stage this spring, which is well above the 15 percent historical average of reaching that level.

In Granite Falls, the Weather Service calculates a 6 percent probability of reaching major flood stage, and a 75 percent probability of reaching minor flood stage.

There are reasons for concern downstream as well. In Morton, the probability of major flooding is 70 percent, according to the Weather Service.