In the old days, when a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning was issued for your location, you found out about it by watching television or listening to the radio, or there might have been a tornado siren. The only way to learn more about the storm was by watching television or listening to the radio.

Today, those methods still work, but people are simultaneously bombarded by many different ways to get storm information, including Code Red alerts, weather app notifications, Facebook posts from friends, tweets, Snapchat messages and YouTube videos.

It is not only possible, but likely, in this so-called information age that we are offered so much information all the time that we make choices about information sources that are based on convenience rather than quality. Most of the time, stormy weather is more disruptive than truly dangerous, but life-threatening weather does happen. The storms last Sunday night, June 7, might be a good reason to ask yourself if you are set up to get good weather information when you need it.