An email received in the weather center last week asked if we thought there would be any more snow in Fargo this spring. It flurried a bit that night. So, yes. Average April snowfall is around three inches. From the Fargo-Moorhead record, there have been seven Aprils since 1886 with nary a flake reported. Another 19 Aprils reported just a trace of flurries.

Measurable snow of at least a tenth of an inch has been observed in 109 of 135 Aprils. At least an inch has fallen in 85 of the Aprils on record. Three inches were recorded in 57 Aprils, which is slightly less than half. The average is three inches because of those occasional Aprils, about 32 of the 135 recorded, with more than six inches of April snow. With a mild pattern in place this spring, the odds favor little to no snow this month. That said, it only takes one storm to blow up a pattern.

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