Willmar woman gets 44 months in prison for daytime burglaries

WILLMAR -- Amanda Kay Schrupp, 26, of Willmar pleaded guilty Monday to four charges of second-degree burglary in connection to a string of daytime burglaries at rural Kandiyohi County homes.

WILLMAR -- Amanda Kay Schrupp, 26, of Willmar pleaded guilty Monday to four charges of second-degree burglary in connection to a string of daytime burglaries at rural Kandiyohi County homes.

After her plea was entered in Kandiyohi County District Court, Schrupp was sentenced to 44 months in prison, to be served concurrently with a 33-month sentence on a drug conviction in Kandiyohi County and a 17-month sentence for theft in Stearns County. As part of a plea agreement, four other felony charges in the case were dismissed.

She was also fined $200 and was ordered to pay $23,238.16 in restitution.

Schrupp is jointly responsible for the restitution with two others charged in the case. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Monica Luna Coronado, 38, of Willmar, who faces eight felony charges. Timothy Louis Streling, 21, of Willmar has been charged with seven felonies for burglary, theft and aiding an offender. Another man, Raymond Narro III, 29, of Willmar will be sentenced Oct. 13 on charges of receiving stolen property for possessing a big-screen television and computer accessories stolen from the homes.

Schrupp declined to make a statement before she was sentenced. However, she did turn and apologize to two of the families in the courtroom on Judge Donald M. Spilseth's prompting.


"I'm sorry, I truly am," she said, breaking into tears and quickly turning away from the gallery.

Three victims in the case told the court that their families have felt scared, mistrustful and violated since the December incidents. "Home should be your safe zone," said Amy Isaacson of rural Willmar. "You have taken from (my children) their trust and security."

Brenda and Leonard Jergenson, also of rural Willmar, testified that they both received phone calls from their young children, who came home to find their home burglarized on Dec. 6.

"Things can be replaced," Brenda said. "Trust and memories cannot."

The victims also asked that Schrupp have no contact with them upon her release. Spilseth ordered that county probation officials fulfill that request as part of her supervised release period.

According to the complaint, the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office on Dec. 6 received two reports of burglaries within an hour from homes southwest of Willmar. The residents of the first home reported that a large-screen television, computer, video games, DVDs and jewelry were stolen.

The owners of the second home reported a television/DVD player, video games, laptop computer, digital cameras, iPod, jewelry, a cell phone, coins and foreign currency were stolen.

During the investigation, deputies noted tire tracks and footprints in the snow matched at the homes. It also appeared the suspects slid into a ditch at one of the homes. The tracks left by the vehicle indicated it was a large four-wheel-drive.


Five days later a deputy was called to a rural Pennock home after a homeowner reported jewelry, a laptop computer, air compressor, cordless drill and imported yarn from Norway had been stolen. A neighbor stated witnessing a white car with two women inside come onto her property. The neighbor said a woman then came to the door seeking directions.

The next day, Dec. 12, deputies were called to a rural Spicer home, where the residents reported a computer, DVD player, jewelry and cash missing. Also missing were Christmas and birthday presents, including video games, movies, an IDog puppy, games and other items.

An informant told investigators in February that Schrupp and Coronado were involved in the burglaries and that a majority of the items were sold. However, the informant said a computer and television were at Narro's residence in Willmar. Two detectives visited the home and found a television that matched the description of one reported missing.

When interviewed at Douglas County Jail, Coronado claimed Schrupp approached her to "clean" several computers, which she did for a payment. Streling admitted to investigators that he had a role in the burglaries and participated at Coronado's request. He said their cover story was that if someone answered the door, they would ask for directions. He continued that if no one answered, they would enter the home.

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