Write-ins decide several city posts in the region

In the contested city council and mayoral races across Kandiyohi County, voters overwhelmingly elected at least one incumbent candidate, sometimes electing a newcomer alongside them.

Briana Sanchez / TribunePeople recieve "I Voted" stickers after they cast their vote Tuesday.

In the contested city council and mayoral races across Kandiyohi County, voters overwhelmingly elected at least one incumbent candidate, sometimes electing a newcomer alongside them.

In two of the county's mayoral races, no candidates filed.

* In Lake Lillian there were two write-in candidates for mayor, but it's still not clear who the new mayor is going to be.

The current mayor, Donnavon Garberich, who had indicated he wouldn't run for re-election and wouldn't serve if elected, received 13 write-in votes, as did Wendy Lund.

Garberich won a coin toss that was conducted on Thursday to determine a winner of the tie vote but Garberich again said he would not serve another term.


The office was then offered to Lund, who has not yet decided if she will accept the job or not, according to Lake Lillian City Clerk John Douvile.

Incumbent Councilmen Lowell Petterson and Jason Wittman were re-elected to the Lake Lillian City Council, with 88 and 86 votes respectively.

* Sunburg is still determining who will fill one of its two open City Council seats. Scott Jorgenson received 34 votes and was elected to the council. However, Jeanine Bowman and write-in candidate Jim Feldman each got 25 votes. Jim Buck and Arnie Lea both received one write-in vote each.

Sunburg City Clerk Nancy Feldman said the city will be conducting a recount Thursday. If the vote tally is still tied, the winner will be determined by lot, which could be the flip of a coin.

Incumbent Sunburg Mayor Wayne Rudningen was re-elected with 47 votes. He ran unopposed.

* In Prinsburg incumbent Mayor Harvey VanEps, who did not file for re-election but later said he would accept the job if re-elected, was re-elected with 198 write-in votes.

There were several other write-in candidates including Steven Zwart who received 30 votes and Greg Bonnema who received 21 votes.

Incumbent Councilmen Roger Ahrenholz and Carl Marcus were re-elected, with 306 and 272 votes respectively.


* Atwater re-elected Shane Hagstrom and Reed W. Schmidt to the City Council, both incumbents, with 314 and 253 votes, respectively. Challenger Brian Carlson received 212 votes, Jerry Dowdell garnered 95 votes and Mary Schmidt received 70.

Atwater Mayor Mark Olson, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 456 votes.

* In Blomkest, incumbent Mayor Dawn Stahl was re-elected with 90 votes, and incumbent Councilmen Roy Boone and Brian Solbrack were re-elected with 86 and 81 votes, respectively.

* In Kandiyohi, incumbent Mayor Gordy Woltjer won the race with 155 votes, over Bradley Howard, who had 102.

The city also elected Jonathan Lindstrand and Robin Ryks to the Kandiyohi City Council, with 188 and 109 votes. Ryan O. Gonnerman had 72, Toby Giese, 47, and Adrian D. Titrud, 43.

* New London elected newcomer Erik Hatlestad to a City Council seat, with 234 votes, and re-elected incumbent Loren Beck, with 222.

Incumbent John Mack had 203 votes, Laurel Iverson, 213, and Mark Strohbeen, 142.

Mayor Bill Gossman, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 605 votes.


* Pennock re-elected Jeffrey Allan Arends for City Council with 118 votes and Jerry L. Kolden was elected with 114 votes. Susan Kidrowski had 97 votes.

David Miller was elected to fill an unexpired council seat with 174 votes.

Incumbent Mayor Kevin Crowley, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 161 votes.

* In the Raymond City Council race, incumbent Councilwoman Tanya Call was re-elected with 224 votes and newcomer Jon Setrum was elected with 220 votes, defeating incumbent David Wassink, who had 198 votes.

Incumbent Mayor Ardell Tensen was elected with 366 votes.

Voters in Raymond also agreed to issue $1.8 million in general obligation bonds to construct a 12-unit facility for senior citizens. The vote was 277 in favor of the issue and 115 against.

* Spicer re-elected Robin deCathelineau to its City Council with 368 votes, and elected Jesse Gislason with 412 votes. Wynn Elliot received 202 votes.

Mayor Denny Baker ran unopposed and was re-elected with 539 votes.

* In Regal, incumbent Mayor Anthony "Tony" Kotten was re-elected with 20 votes, and council members James Halvorson and Beth A. Sturtz were re-elected with 19 and 18 votes, respectively.

Results of selected other west central Minnesota municipal elections are as follows, based on unofficial results from the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office:


Amber L. Molden, incumbent, 473, and Andrew Schmidt, 384, were the top vote-getters to fill two seats on the council.

Kevin M. Plemmons received 187 votes and Larry Johnson got 76.

Incumbent Mayor Chadwick C. Syltie ran unopposed and received 578 votes.

Bird Island

Neal G. Prokosch was elected with 501 votes, and Bob Seidl won the second seat on the council with 22 write-in votes.

There was a total of 64 write-in votes cast with eight candidates receiving two or more votes and 25 individuals receiving one vote each.

Julie Sander ran unopposed for mayor and received 490 votes.

Clara City

Jeff Davids, who received 396 votes, and Rhonda Pieper, who received 362 votes, were elected to two seats on the council.

Linsey Kortgard Saue, received 228 votes, Victor Sparks, 158, LeAnn Nord, 141, Stanley Rhode, 50, and Amy Rhode, 40 votes.

Incumbent Mayor Jack Sparks ran unopposed and received 672 votes.


Tom Staton was elected mayor with 61 votes.

For council, Amanda Ness, who was the only candidate to file, was elected with 78 votes, with Chad Razink winning the second seat with 25 write-in votes.


Emily Schmeling was elected mayor with 169 votes. Dale Jackson had 32 votes and Tyson Throughbred had 25.

Angelica Hopp and Jody Fruetel were elected to the council with 108 votes and 95 votes, respectively. Tim Hoffmann received 85 votes, Katie Hansen, 63 votes, and Terry Hessler, 57 votes.


Incumbent Mayor Gene Allex was re-elected with 110 votes, defeating James C. Aalderks, who had 95 votes.

Incumbent Councilman Philip Standfuss was re-elected with 172 votes. There were 136 write-in ballots cast with Cathy Malvin receiving 88 votes to earn a second spot on the council. There were 11 other individuals who received several write-in votes.


Incumbents Sara Wersinger and Sandy Larson were re-elected with 34 and 31 votes, respectively. Julie Commerford received 26 votes.

Incumbent Mayor Eric Ziegler, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 47 votes.


Randall Tensen was elected mayor with 394 votes, defeating Jon "J.T." Schacherer, who received 343 votes.

In a four-way race for three open seats on the City Council, Charles Prestholdt was elected with 612 votes, Alan S. Tufto with 471 votes and Jeff Olson, incumbent, with 445 votes. Incumbent Heather Myers received 308 votes.

Steven Tufto was elected to fill an unexpired term with 694 votes.

Granite Falls

Voters approved authorizing the city to issue Sunday liquor licenses, 906 to 493.

Incumbent Mayor David Smiglewski, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 1,262 votes.

Scott A. Peterson was elected with 1,219 votes for the at-large council position.

In Ward 1, Incumbent Joseph Fagnano was re-elected with 658 votes and incumbent Sarina Otaibi was re-elected with 584 votes.

Grove City

A write-in candidate for mayor defeated two candidates who had filed for election. David Martin received 104 write-in votes, defeating Jesse Hudec and Jason McCoy, who each received 64 votes.

On the council, incumbents Karl Nelson and James Renne were re-elected with 159 and 198 votes respectively.

Michael Halterman was elected to fill an unexpired term, receiving 222 votes.


James Alan Rothers was elected mayor with 145 votes, defeating Kordell VanHeuveln with 122 votes, Brian Thompson with 98 votes and Bob Kappes with 34 votes.

For the two seats on the council, incumbent Scott Lamecker was elected with 304 votes along with newcomer Naomi Baker who received 257 votes. Incumbent Mona Doering had 109 votes.


Incumbent Councilwoman Connie Lies was defeated in her re-election bid in Ward 2. Darlene Kotelnicki was elected with 232 votes. Barry Peterson received 211 votes, and Lies received 177.

In Ward 4, Vernon Loch Jr. was elected with 557 votes

Incumbent Mayor Ron Dingmann, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 2,692 votes.


Incumbent Mayor Richard Groothuis was re-elected with 113 votes, defeating Terry Pierskalla who had 44 votes.

Incumbent council member Kathryn Roberts was re-elected with 106 votes and Ryan Mickels received 110 write-in votes to win the second post on the council. Gloria Sims received 48 votes.


Greg Thole was elected mayor with 728 votes, and incumbent Councilmen Adam Conroy and Maynard Meyer were re-elected with 695 and 589 votes, respectively.


Ron Anderson was elected mayor with 122 votes. Incumbent council member Heidi Hanson was elected with 84 votes and Joshua Vetter was elected with 112 votes.


Voters in Montevideo approved allowing the city to issue Sunday intoxicating liquor licenses with 1,449 yes votes and 924 no votes.

Incumbent Mayor Debra Lee Fader was re-elected with 1,246 votes, defeating Jim Curtiss with 1,087 votes.

Incumbent council members Todd Hay and Nathan Schmidt were re-elected with 1,622 and 1,739 votes, respectively.


Craig Kavanagh was elected mayor with 84 votes, and incumbent council members James Diederich and Stephanie Hoff were re-elected with 89 and 79 votes, respectively.


Incumbent Mayor Suzanne M. "Sue" Hilgert was re-elected with 991 votes, and incumbent council members Bernard Johnson and Terry Kohout were re-elected with 926 and 953 votes, respectively.


Incumbent councilman Jeff Pike was re-elected with 280 votes and newcomer Adam Zaske was elected with 295 votes. Isidro Alvarado had 167 votes and Tanya Brown had 135. There were also 100 write-in ballots cast for council.

Incumbent Mayor Janette Wertish, who ran unopposed, received 448 votes.


Incumbent Mayor Kyle Jones was re-elected with 78 votes. Todd Vogel was elected to the council with 56 votes and Carter Lokken was elected with 52 votes.


Incumbent Mayor Frank Eder was re-elected with 301 votes, defeating Robert M. Wright who had 82 votes.

Incumbent council members Susan Unterberger and Marc Wirz were re-elected with 309 and 280 votes, respectively.

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