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Don't be afraid to push that button: Minnesota company helping to stop pathogens' spread

Transparent antimicrobial film can cover high-touch surfaces and kill viruses people leave behind, SCS Elevator Products and TouchPoint say.

RED WING, Minn. -- Since the arrival of COVID-19, most people are more aware of the surfaces they touch regularly such as doorknobs, shopping cart handles, gas pump handles, restaurant menus and a host of others. Now, one Red Wing company is distributing a product that can cover those surfaces with antimicrobial film that will kill pathogens for up to two years.

SCS Elevator Products, 310 Cannon River Ave. N., recently developed a partnership with RailEyes to distribute TouchPoint, a clear film that can be used on a variety of high-touch surfaces.

“This product fits with our core values in the elevator industry,” said Dave Muelken, president of SCS Elevators. “The information regarding the certification of this product being antimicrobial, being self-cleaning, and being guaranteed for two years, comes with specs and standards that are pretty incredible.”

SCS is best known in the industry for elevator Braille signage in and around elevators including the buttons.

Dave Muelken, left, president of SCS Elevator Products; Michelle Tiche, sales and marketing; and Mark Munson, vice president of sales, are excited about the many uses TouchPoint can have in businesses and homes. Steve Gardiner / RiverTown Multimedia


TouchPoint is produced by a company in Japan and has been certified by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles and the Japan Industrial Standards, in accordance with the International Organization of Standardization, groups that measure the antimicrobial properties of products.

RailEyes, an international company that specializes in safety features for escalators, reports on its website that “TouchPoint has been rigorously stress-tested for durability, reliability, and safety on a variety of surfaces over long periods of time. Our product has received international certification of the highest standards for being 99% effective against all microbes and for its durability in both wet and dry conditions.”

Muelken is excited to add TouchPoint to the products available through SCS Elevator Products. He said he just received the first samples of the product on July 20 and the company has been getting numerous requests for information about TouchPoint.

“TouchPoint is made with silver nanoparticles,” said Michelle Tighe, sales and marketing for SCS. “The silver gets into the molecules of the virus and basically disrupts their DNA. That’s what kills them.”

TouchPoint film comes in a clear format, or it can have the hand logo to notify users that the surface is safe. Photo courtesy of SCS Elevator Products

The self-cleaning part of the product happens when something, such as a hand or cloth, touches the filmed surface. The virus, now dead, is harmless and is removed.

“A nursing home called us,” said Mark Munson, vice president of sales and marketing. “They have handrails on every wall. People are constantly touching those, and you can wrap the handrails in TouchPoint.”

Munson said he has also contacted the Minnesota Golf Association about the possible use of TouchPoint on the flagstick at each hole on a golf course.


“Right now, golfers are not supposed to touch them,” Munson said. “If you put this on and someone touches it, by the time the next guy is there, the virus will be gone.”

The antimicrobial and self-cleaning features of TouchPoint are rated for two years.

The TouchPoint logo. Photo courtesy of SCS Elevator Products

“It can be removed after two years to replace it,” Tighe said. “It leaves little to no residue, so it’s not going to wreck anything. It’s durable, yet it’s not permanent.”

The TouchPoint antimicrobial film is available in a clear format or can have a red hand logo on it.

“The little hand is the key to say that this is safe,” Munson said. “We want to help build the TouchPoint brand so that everybody knows that that hand means safety wherever it is, not just on elevators.”

Muelken said the TouchPoint film can be applied to an endless list of surfaces including cellphones and purchase points and the touchscreens will still work.

Businesses or individuals interested in knowing more about TouchPoint or placing orders may visit the SCS Elevator Products website at www.scselevatorproducts.com/ or contact them by phone at 800-783-4633 or email at info@scselevatorproducts.com .


“Once we beat coronavirus, this doesn’t go away,” Muelken said. “All of the handwashing doesn’t go away. That’s just the right thing to do.”

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