Dear friends,

This one is for those who are allergic to exercise. You despise sweating it out on treadmills, jogging, you name it. Or perhaps you don’t have the time despite the good intentions. How can you start on your self-care journey?

Here is a suggestion: Do a little something, however small — even 2 minutes.

Why do I say that?

Scientists have found that for the same level of activity, people who “felt” they were less active died sooner than those who “felt” they were more active. Felt is underlined, bold, and in quotation marks here. In other words, your mind just has to feel you are more active without your body being more active!

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How can you feel you are more active and fit? Do something. The direction of movement is as important as getting there. The same speed at 60 mph feels much faster when accelerating from 40 mph compared to decelerating from 80 mph.

So, start with moving your muscles, if only for your mind. (Keep in mind, though, that moving your wrist five times clockwise and then counterclockwise won’t be enough!)

I hope that the little something you do starts you on a journey into better self-care in the coming weeks and months.

Take care.


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