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Letter: Memories of Foot Lake

I am old enough to remember when Foot Lake was unfit to swim in. There used to be little mounds of silt in the shallower parts of the lake. They made funny-looking "splash marks" when we threw rocks in them.

Then Kandiyohi County bought a dredge, and the work began in cleaning out the lake.

When the water was safe enough for swimming, a beach was opened, and us kids were delighted in finally getting to swim there.

However, the dredging took a lot longer than anticipated. That was because the dredge was secondhand. It kept breaking down. Finally, it gave out completely. There wasn't any funding available for a new dredge, so Foot Lake never got completely dredged.

Now we hear that neighboring Willmar Lake is going to be designated an "impaired lake." What are the odds that we're going to get a new dredge now? If we do, will it be in better shape than the old one had been in?

Kent Syverson