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Letter: An 11th-inning change in the rules

As a conservative family values male, I suppose I should be enjoying the fall from grace of people like Bill Clinton, Charlie Rose and Al Franken. But instead I feel a little sorry for them.

It is like the rules changed for these guys in the 11th inning. For years, feminists, labor unions and Democrats in general have mocked the conservative evangelical family values agenda.

Liberal men were given a pass on every immoral behavior under the sun as long as they supported abortion. Yours truly wrote a letter, published in the West Central Tribune, about Al Franken's rape jokes before he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Nevertheless, he was enthusiastically supported by the female-dominated Minnesota Nurses Association and many other liberal groups. Al Franken's character was a known quantity long before now, but it didn't matter.

A Republican politician who gets elected on a family values platform and is then found to be a hypocrite is rightfully thrown out. But a liberal politician has had every right to think he could get away with anything, as long as he supported abortion.

But now, shockingly, the rules have changed. Now we learn that all women, even liberal feminist women, expect men — all men — to act according to some unwritten high moral standard. Can you blame us family values conservatives for feeling just a bit vindicated?

But we must not gloat or take any pleasure whatsoever in the downfall of these "deplorable" men, lest we all be seen as hypocrites.

The giver of the moral code we aspire to embrace is no fool. He sees the corruption in every heart, regardless how well we think we can hide it. We all stand defenseless before Him, political party or religiosity notwithstanding.

Lowell Tieszen