WILLMAR - A man who was wounded by police after refusing to put down his gun has been convicted by a jury of one felony charge of making terroristic threats.

Matthew David Smith, 47, of Willmar, was on trial last week, and the jury returned its verdict Dec. 28.

Smith was acquitted of two felony charges of second-degree assault for allegedly pointing his gun at each of the officers involved, one for each officer involved in the incident.

Smith is to be sentenced Jan. 31.

Smith was wounded by two Willmar officers after they were called to his home. He allegedly had been drinking and was holding a handgun when he said he "wanted her to watch him blow his head off."

After the woman called 911, two officers were sent to the home on the report of a suicidal, intoxicated man.

The officers found Smith sitting in a lawn chair in his backyard, according to court records.

When they approached Smith, Smith raised the handgun and pointed it at one of the officers. They warned Smith four times to drop his gun, but he did not comply, according to court records.

The officers fired their weapons, shooting Smith in his upper left leg. After the shooting, the officers rendered first aid, including placing a tourniquet on the leg.

Neither officer was charged in the incident. Kandiyohi County Attorney Shane Baker determined that their actions were justified.