WILLMAR - The Barn Theatre presents "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" today through Saturday and June 20-22 and 27-29 at 7:30 p.m. with matinees at 2 p.m. Sunday and June 23 and 30.

Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for ages 18 and younger and are available at The Barn's box office at 321 Fourth St. S.W. in downtown Willmar, 320-235-9500 or thebarntheatre.com.

The musical is the classical story of young Joseph and his incredible dreams, told by the narrator, played by Jeannie Reid.

Born into a family of 12 boys, all sons of Jacob, played by Wes Stevens, we learn that Joseph, played by Cole Woltjer, is favored by his father and is given a splendid multi-colored coat.

However, this coat, along with Joseph's talk of dreams he has had showing he will be the ruler of his brothers, arouses jealousy in the other 11 boys.

The brothers decide to kill Joseph, but before they get the chance, they meet up with a group of Ishmaelites traveling to Egypt. A plan is hatched, and they sell their brother as a slave instead.

Follow Joseph on his journey through Egypt, through misery and pain, and finally, back into the arms of his father, Jacob.

Other members of the cast are Matt Onnen, Allen Clark, Claire Schiller, Bailey Stahl, Mateo Tejeda, Jeff Tengwall, Lyle Mangen, Barry Pederson, Bill Wright, Reagen Toedter, Ethan Haines, James Cook, Matthew Weiss and Dan Anfinson.

Playing the wives of the 11 brothers are Melissa Mangen, Aliyah Anderson, Laurel Iverson, Sarah Dahl, Randi Larson, Cecilia Hernandez, Carly Haines, Elsa Gustafson, Kellie Wright, Jean Urban and Nici Ahrenholz.

Members of the Egyptian ensemble are played by Hannah Morrison, Gage Amberg, Noah VanderPol, Ingrid Bunn, Marah West, Tori Osterfeld, Averi Linn and Eleanor Ryder.

The children's choir members are Annika Dahl, Hattie Dahl, Izzy Gilberts, Esmond Gustafson, Evan Gustafson, Alicia Hernandez, Selah Larson, Ariana Messer, Kylee Mulder, Hope Reid, Ashley Stai, Zoe Toedter and Ashlyn Zimmer.

Members of the pit orchestra, under the direction of Dennis Benson, are: Kristine Carlson and Sherry Pearson, keyboard; Jay Skrukrud, drums; Jacky Skrukrud, bass; Carol Meier, piano; Suzanne Karnowski, horn; Melissa Carlson and Bryton Carlson, violin; Danielle Smith, viola; Carl Holm, woodwinds; Lorie Skaro-Johnson, flute; and Clara Holm, percussion.

Pauline Prawl is the director and choreographer. Carol Meier is the vocal director.

Sonja Madsen is the stage manager with Brielle Barrett in charge of props.

Costumes by Shannon Eckhoff and Emma Orsten.

Aane Twedt is the set designer/builder and Jenna Tanttila the set artist/painter.

Bob Thompson is in charge of sound and Eric Harp of lighting.