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Bill Morehouse
A warm start to June
Thu Jun 01 15:00:00 EDT 2023
The weather will be beautiful to start off the first weekend of June. Sunshine and warm temperatures will be the themes for this weekend, save for some areas of spotty showers and storms.

Gusty winds, T-storms, and warm temperatures this holiday weekend
Thu May 25 18:01:44 EDT 2023
The strongest winds on Memorial Day will be the eastern Dakotas and across much of Minnesota. Winds will still be out of the south for most with some gusts reaching to near 30 mph.

Quiet weekend after a chilly close to the work week
Thu May 18 15:00:00 EDT 2023
The smoke in the air is tough to forecast when it will finally move out. With that in mind, our weather will be very quiet and mild this weekend if the smoke does dissipate. Otherwise we'll be looking at sunshine through a smoky haze in the air for some of us over the weekend. 

Wet and breezy for Minnesota's fishing opener
Thu May 11 15:00:00 EDT 2023
A large area of lower pressure will keep a big part of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest dealing with showers, thunderstorms and wind this weekend.

Some of the bigger waters will likely have some decent rollers to contend with when searching for fish.

Spring system set to bring showers to the region this weekend
Thu May 04 17:41:01 EDT 2023
I'm not seeing Saturday as a wash out. This system will likely pull in some dry air to parts of the region leading to some of us dealing with periods of rain showers while others have some dry periods of Saturday. If you do have outdoor plans in the region check the radar before heading out.

Most of us won't have a whole lot of wind to contend with on Sunday. I'm only seeing a slight breeze for western Minnesota and parts of southeastern North Dakota and the very eastern edge of South Dakota.

A cool end to the month of April
Thu Apr 27 16:44:58 EDT 2023
The month of April looks to continue the cool temperature trend this weekend. Temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s for most of the region Friday with rain moving to the east. Heading into Saturday not only are temperatures staying cool, but the wind picks up especially in the Dakotas.

Cool weekend after another winter system passes through the region
Thu Apr 20 15:00:00 EDT 2023
Another late winter system will be pushing through the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest to finish out this week. Snow and wind with some areas receiving rain and wintry mix look likely on Friday. The bulk of the accumulating snow with his low pressure system will fall in northern Minnesota as well as northeastern North Dakota. A few snow showers may even linger across far northeastern Minnesota and Wisconsin on Saturday morning.

Much cooler this weekend
Thu Apr 13 15:00:00 EDT 2023
Temperatures will drastically change thanks to a cold front moving in for the weekend. Friday will see the cold front sweep through bringing rain and much colder temperatures the farther west you are. The good news is warmer weather is on the way next week.

Spring weather finally sets in
Thu Apr 06 16:35:47 EDT 2023
Our weather will stay cool for most to finish out this work week. But the spring weather is right on the doorstep and looks to arrive across the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest this weekend.

Quieter weekend after winter storm
Thu Mar 30 17:33:57 EDT 2023
The winter storm will bring rain, freezing rain, and snow to the region Friday. Winds will be blustery as well as this system passes through. 

Some places in eastern South Dakota could end up with upwards of 10 inches while Minnesota could see a large swath of 2-6 inches with some areas picking up even more. Sunday will feature a wide range of temperatures.