Our mild temperatures will continue throughout the weekend. Parts of the region will get a little breezy on Saturday with more wind on Sunday to be expected. A few showers will start to develop later on Sunday.

Temperatures will be mild on Saturday morning. It will be a little cooler in North Dakota with a few thirties and 40s. The rest of the area will kick off the day in the 40s and 50s.

We likely won't need insulated boots for the opener of deer season across Minnesota. We'll stay dry on Saturday under a mostly cloudy sky.

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North Dakota will be a little cooler in the morning with a mix of 30s and 40s. Temperatures will be warmer in the eastern and southeastern part of the state compared to the west and northwest. An east wind will linger throughout the day with gusts 15-20 mph.

Winds will be turning a little breezy for the southern part of Minnesota and across Wisconsin on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon will be quite mild for Minnesota. A blaze orange t-shirt may not be a bad idea for the southern part of the state!

While a lot of this previous week has been filled with sunshine, Saturday may feature a little more cloud cover. Most of the region will have a very mild day in terms of temperatures, although parts of North Dakota will stay chillier.

Sunday will bring changes with more wind for the entire region. Expect snow and rain to develop to the west of us with a few showers scattered across the Dakotas and western Minnesota.

Temperatures will continue to be mild on Sunday with a lot of 60s and 70s still possible.