A group of anglers, including some of the most prominent figures in Minnesota, are looking to influence how dollars are appropriated to the state's fisheries.

MN-FISH Sportfishing Foundation and Coalition formed to represent interests of anglers, clubs, local organizations and industry stakeholders, particularly when the Minnesota Legislature convenes in St. Paul.

The non-profit advocacy group formed recently when a group of prominent and influential anglers joined forces as volunteers hoping to make an impact.

Ron Schara, president of MN-FISH and founder of Schara Enterprises, said the group's mission "is to be a voice for anglers in Minnesota," particularly when it comes time to allocating resources in the state.

"There's no one making money on this," said Steve Pennaz, an outdoors television host. Both Schara and Pennaz are Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota inductees.

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"Our whole goal is to just make fishing better for all Minnesotans," Pennaz said.

One way the group aims to improve fishing is to keep Minnesota lawmakers accountable when spending dollars, collected through licenses and taxes, intended for fisheries.

Below, learn more about MN-FISH as Chad Koel explains the mission and goals for the group.

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