Mark Severin Anderson


In Loving  Memory of  Mark Severin Anderson, 73, of Newton, NC, went to join the Great Culinary Table in the sky way too soon. I missed hearing your voice telling me all about the food prep for the perfect turkey for 2022 - and you left without leaving me your recipe! Ditto for Christmas.

But one of the many things you left me was great memory lanes, 73 years of them. You were a big deal in high school, NLS, smart, funny, and athletic. You lettered in all four sports your senior year and ended up with a pole vault high that carried on for many years after you graduated. You will always be one of the great guys. All this fun stuff sent you into a good young adult life and a great life as a family man. Thank you, Mark, for so many good memory lanes to fill in the blank areas of missing you. You will always be a wonderful brother, brother-in-law, and uncle to my little family. It’s an honor being your sister, and I still say, “Mom loved you more.”

Family in the area are his sister, Judy Tedrow of New London, and nephew, O’Niell Tedrow of Ely.

He was preceded in death by his brother-in-law, Jerry Tedrow and nephew, Noel Tedrow.

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