To Favre or not to Favre? That question has finally been put to rest for the Minnesota Vikings.

Former Packer and quarterback great Brett Favre received his release from the New York Jets in April and has been training toward the goal of un-retiring once again. The Minnesota Vikings coaches and players had expressed interest in Favre if he decided to play.

On Tuesday, Favre told Viking coach Brad Childress he did not want to put his body through another season in the National Football League. The Vikings headed to training camp in Mankato, which has now started.

On Wednesday, Favre said if some team called later in the season he might consider playing again. Childress fortunately said he is moving on with the team he has.

Favre had not even re-retired for one day and he is talking about un-retiring again. This aging football player just cannot make up his mind.

Favre is certainly a hall-of-fame quarterback, but his time has likely passed. There is serious question whether Favre could have physically completed a 16-game regular season without injury.

Fortunately, Favre apparently recognized his physical limitations. Ending up with Favre as a injured quarterback would not have been good for the Vikings in the long run.

The time has come for the Vikings to focus on their future and build upon the team they have.

Besides, how could any Viking fan ever cheer for a former cheese head quarterback?

Skol, Vikings!