I thought when someone was elected to represent the Kandiyohi County area in the Legislature that their No. 1 priority would be Kandiyohi County.

On May 18, Dave Baker voted in favor of legislation – House File 1437, the omnibus jobs and energy bill – to provide an earmarked $2 million broadband grant to the city of Annandale. Quality Internet connections are necessary for local businesses to survive and thrive.

In this legislation Mr. Baker also voted to give $35,000 to the city of Delano for their Fourth of July parade.

I am sure any of the cities in Kandiyohi County would love to have an extra $35,000 to help fund such activities and/or a $2 million grant to upgrade their broadband coverage.

Why did Dave Baker choose two other cities, Delano and Annandale, over his constituents for these benefits? Ask him why.

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