On May 18 Rep. Dave Baker voted to earmark $2 million to the city of Annandale for broadband, while ignoring Kandiyohi County’s need for quality Internet service.

Then, ironically, on Aug. 19 Baker put out a press release about applications for broadband grants and said, “Expanding broadband to the areas that need it most will mean more opportunities for families here in Greater Minnesota. I will keep pushing hard to build on our broadband investments next session and make sure we’re able to bring the countless benefits of broadband to even more parts of the state.”

More parts than just Annandale, I presume?

Maybe next session, rather than “pushing hard” for Annandale, Rep. Baker will advocate for his own community of Kandiyohi County.

Rep. Baker, I have spent one to two and a half hours for as much as every day over two weeks, attempting to improve Internet access at my home in your district.

I happen to have only one option for my provider. Monopolies do not encourage customer service.

I can only dream of what an addition of

$2 million would do for my family and friends in your district.

Rep. Baker, please don’t require us to travel 50 miles to Annandale for quality Internet service. Thanks a lot for “pushing hard” for Annandale, Rep. Baker.

Becky West

New London

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